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Ironwood High School 

Our Story

We started in my backyard 40 plus years ago with a few friends just having fun. We created things because we simply loved to craft. What started with fun and family an now it has grown to a massive fabulous community which supports and cares for each other. Briar Patch has become a tradition in not only our families but many others. I see familiar faces at every event. It the best time of the year!

Every year our Briar Patch community grows and we love it. If you are interested in being part of Briar Patch as a vendor or customer check out our Facebook or give Jeannie a ring. 

Upcoming Events


High School

Sept 9th 9am-5pm 

Sept 10th 9am-4pm


High School

Sept 30th 9am-5pm 

Oct 1st 9am-4pm


High School

Oct 7th 9am-5pm 

Oct 8th 9am-4pm

General Inquiries

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Want to be a Vendor?

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Contact us directly at 480-703-1463

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